Food is Fuel!

Food is Fuel!

When junk food is cheaper than the healthy option

Since the introduction of the ‘dollar’ menu at fast food chains and the rising costs of fresh produce, it has come to light, just how vast the disparity is between these two choices we face daily.

With their advertisements, cheap pricing and convenience, fast food chains such as McDonald’s make it too easy to pop in for a quick meal. There are many reasons WHY burgers are cheaper than salads; things such as production costs, transportation, storage etc.

Did you know that the average 18 year old is 15 pounds heavier then the average 18 year old in the late 1970s?

But, just because this is our reality doesn’t mean that’s the end of the story

Being aware and mindful of these types of statistics can be the first step to ensuring that we are making informed decisions for ourselves and families.

Planning your weeks groceries in advance or meal prepping on a Sunday can be some helpful ways to be sure that healthy food can be convenient and come in at a similar cost as junk food. Also, advertising for junk food does seem to be everywhere these days, but just try to concentrate on how you feel when you choose that food over more wholesome and fresh ingredients.

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