Yoga Tips for Beginners

5 Easy Tips for Starting Yoga

5 Easy Tips for Starting Yoga

Do you want to start yoga but not sure how? Don’t worry, below we’ll provide you some easy tips to get you started really fast.

Tip 1

To practice yoga, no need to complicate your life about what to wear.

  • For men: shorts or jogging and a T-shirt.
  • For women: shorts or leggings and a T-shirt.

No need for sneakers or other shoes, yoga is practiced barefoot!

Tip 2

In the morning: know that your body will be stiffer. This is also when you will get more effect on flexibility. At this time of the day, the mind is generally calm and alert, you will have more perseverance and more concentration too.

In the evening: After a whole day in motion, your body is naturally more flexible. It is easier to do the postures. Know nevertheless that the determination and the liveliness will decrease during the day.

By practicing in the morning, you will be feeling the work you are doing as we as the change. If you practicing in the evening, it will allow you to rest the tensions of the day and find an inner calm.

Again, the main thing is to practice.

Yoga Tips for Beginners

Tip 3

It is better to practice yoga with empty stomach and intestines. By practicing yoga, you will act (put pressure) on your internal organs. It is therefore recommended not to eat before a session, or even to drink.

The important thing: It is important to wait about 1 hour after a light meal and 3-4 hours after a heavy meal.

It is recommended not to drink during yoga classes. If you however feel the need, you know what’s best for you.

Tip 4

In a constructive yoga session, it is always calm. So if your phone rings in the middle of the session it will not help you relax. It might be better for you if you disconnect all these devices so as to better connect to yourself.

Switch your smart phone off by putting it in airplane mode or just silent but not the silent mode – vibration, it will distract you anyway.

Unplug the fixed line phone if you have one.

You can put a sign on the door of the room where you practice. Other people with whom you live will know that you must not be disturbed.

Tip 5

Depending on the season, your pace, your moods will vary and sometimes you will want a more dynamic yoga, sometimes it will be more meditative, other time more relaxing or focused on breathing. The key to ‘doing’ yoga is to listen and practice!

If you are a beginner at yoga, start with some simple breathing techniques and easy postures, eventually you’ll be stretching your whole body.


Now that you know the different tips in practicing yoga, just get your clothes ready, take the necessary measures so as not to be disturbed and finally pick the time of the day which you want to practice – morning or evening – and just get started.

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